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Live updates: Andre Ward scores TKO win over Sergey Kovalev in 8th round

In their first meeting in the ring, Andre Ward defeated Sergey Kovalev by controversial decision. The two are squaring off again Saturday night in a rematch in Las Vegas.

Keep it here for full coverage of the fight and round-by-round updates of the main event.

(Arash Markazi/ESPN via Twitter)

Ward gets the edge of power punches with 53 power punches while Kovalev landed 50 punches.

The judges had Ward leading at the time of the stoppage. Two judges had Ward ahead on the cards with 67-66 and the third judge had it at 68-65 for Kovalev.

The cards show just how close this fight was right until the stoppage

The best of the fight. Ward is looking really strong and Kovalev is looking like he wants to go down. He is in survivor mode.

The referee stops the fight after some low-looking shots but gets the KO after some a series of body shots.

Surprising finish to this fight since it looked like Kovalev was leading on some cards. Ward finished.

Sergey Kovalev is still stalking Andre Ward and landing a bit more punches. The HBO crew is realizing how difficult this fight is to score. It is really close. No clear-cut winner in the round, but Ward did a bit more to get the round.

L.A. Times Card: 10-9 Ward (67-66 Kovalev)

Dylan Hernandez Card: 10-9 Ward (67-66 Kovalev)

These rounds are exceedingly close. Andre Ward is being more selective in his punches, though Sergey Kovalev’s jab is superior.

Kovalev gets the round because he is busier than Ward and is landing more of the punches. This might be another controversial ending.

L.A. Times Card: 10-9 Kovalev (58-56 Kovalev)

Dylan Hernandez Card: 10-9 Kovalev (58-56 Kovalev)

This fight is missing the fireworks of the first matchup. There’s a good exchange in the middle of the ring with Sergey Kovalev landing a body shot, and Andre Ward sticks a right to Kovalev’s chin.

Ward is on a streak. He wins the second round in a row thanks to landing some effective body shots.

L.A. Times Card: 10-9 Ward (48-47 Ward)

Dylan Hernandez’s Card: 10-9 Ward (48-47 Kovalev)

Sergey Kovalev looks to be the more aggressive fighter tonight. He continues to move forward. A stiff left jab stops Kovalev’s momentum. Andre Ward showed his hand speed on that round.

This is Ward’s best round. He is landing his jabs and has had success evading Kovalev’s jabs. A quick combo at the end of the round for Ward gives him the edge.

L.A. Times Card: 10-9 Ward (38-38)

Dylan Hernandez Card: 10-9 Ward (39-37 Kovalev)

Lots of clinching and much less action than the first fight. Sergey Kovalev keeps sticking the jab, and Andre Ward is looking pretty strong himself.

This is a slower round and one that is very close, but Kovalev landed a few more power punches.

L.A. Times Card: 10-9 Kovalev (29-28 Kovalev)

Dylan Hernandez Card: 10-9 Kovalev (30-27 Kovalev)

Pretty boring round for the first couple of minutes, but Sergey Kovalev is starting to land his jabs. The fight is stopped for a bit after an Andre Ward low blow at the one minute mark.

Nice action in the corner with both fighters landing combinations. A close round, but it goes to Kovalev.

L.A. Times Card: 10-9 Kovalev (19-19)

Dylan Hernandez Card: 10-9 Kovalev (20-18 Kovalev)

Sergey Kovalev is stalking Andre Ward and lands the first solid punch of the night with a right to the body. A couple of clinches early and both boxers needed to be separated. More clinching.

Ward lands the first good punch of the night with a left hook and then a body shot. A straight right by Ward, and it’s going to be a very close round. Not too much action to speak of.

L.A. Times Card: 10-9 Ward